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Collaboration for 21st Century Learning

Note from the Librarian: Let's collaboratively teach your next unit! We can share the teaching and guided practice by transforming traditional units into multimedia learning experiences for our students with authentic research and digital citizenship skills built in. Also, since we are both there for all the lessons, small group work is even easier. Interested? Come by the library or drop me an email

Check out some examples below of transformed units. 

What kind of research and digital literacy skills am I talking about? These include: 

  1. Library & Digital Citizenship / Cyber Safety
  2. Catalog Use & Organization (2nd-5th) / Reflection (PK-1st)
  3. Prior Knowledge to Begin Research and Keyword Use
  4. Reading
  5. Questioning
  6. Variety of Sources and Formats
  7. Location of Sources & Search Techniques
  8. Evaluation of Information
  9. Working with Information
  10. Crediting Sources
  11. Presentation
  12. Collaboration with larger community

I look forward to working together. :)